Wetherspoons are a well-known chain of pubs in Britain that sells low-priced beer and low-cost food. They have a place in Derry. A typical price for a pint would be about £2.20 or about €2.62.

They hadn’t entered the Irish market previously. Now they are taking advantage of very low prices for licensed premises to have a crack at the Irish market.

They have just bought a pub and night club in Cork (the Newport bar, cafe and bistro complex on Paul Street Plaza) and are looking to buy more pubs in Ireland. This is their 3rd pub in Ireland as they recently bought the Old Tavern in Blackrock and 40 Foot in Dun Laoghaire.

The Chairman and founder of JD Wetherspoons said “If things go well we could have 6 to 12 pubs there within 18 months”.


Perhaps we could see them here in Moville at some time in the future. Perhaps the well situated Bar-a-Cuda, which was on the market at €150,000 might suit them, although there is some talk that it has been sold with others saying it hasn’t.

Beer at around €2.60 a pint would be very popular here. The downside would be that it might shut every other bar in Moville.

I would think that there would be plenty of other locations with larger populations in Ireland that they would go for first. There must be lots of pubs around at knock down prices throughout the country near large population centres.

If they ever did came here I would think it would be a long time down the line.