Here are the most read top 12 CraicOn articles from the past month:-

1. The slump in price of the Bar-a-Cuda pub in Moville 236

2. Rescue Helicopter lands in Bay Field 222

3. New Caiseal Mara owners have no Hotel Experience 179

4. The winner of the Best Fancy Dress outfit was…. 160

5. Sainsbury’s in Derry Closed 155

6. Ladies meet for coffee…miles apart! 150

7. The rumours about the Caiseal Mara’s new owner were wrong 143

8. Will the Foyle Hotel sell now as well? 143

9. Don says ‘NO’ to Old Trafford! 142

10. Moville is on its Way Back 142

11. The Squealing Pig is on FACEBOOK!! 142

12. Crucial Advice for the new Owner(s) of the Caiseal Mara Hotel 142