Last night in the Pig wee bar a few of us were once again exchanging books and discussing our latest reads. This has been the norm for a few years now. We may as well start calling ourselves the ‘Pig Book Club’.

It’s not only drinking and chatter that goes on in that wee bar. There’s book discussion and reviewing, theatre reviewing and movie reviewing. A right wee academic lot is developing! And before the night is done, a list of books is noted and ready to be delivered and exchanged the following week.

And it’s always handy if there’s someone we don’t particularly like (as if!) in the bar, we can just hide or snigger behind a good book!!

So if you think it’s an argument getting up down in a certain corner, think again. It’s a heated discussion with opposing viewpoints on a character or writer. Mind you last night there were no opposing views. Whilst discussing Martin Sixtsmith’s ‘Lost Child of Philomena Lee’ and the movie ‘Philomena’ all were in agreement that this is a gut wrenching, emotional story.

And Edna O’Brien is on her way to a Pig reader next week! And JoJo Moyes is being read here! Keep reading folks!