Three weeks ago I bought some plums and some peaches. They weren’t ripe but that was no problem. They would gradually ripen and I could eat them then over a few days.

However, that wasn’t what happened. All the peaches went from unripe to off without ever going through the ripe stage.

The plums remained hard for ages. I tried one but it was too sour and threw it away. One by one I tried them in the coming days but, even though I ate some, they were still pretty unripe.

Keep going

I decided to keep one and put it on my windowsill till it ripened. I wasn’t going to be beat. However, it is now three weeks old and it is now looking a little wrinkly on my kitchen windowsill but still quite hard.

I may eat it just for the sake of it but I don’t think it is a plum that I’m going to enjoy.

I’ve noticed that nowadays you’ve got to buy fruit when it is ripe (except maybe for bananas). If you buy it with the idea that they will gradually ripen over a few days you may be disappointed.

So much of the fruit now goes from unripe to going off without any ripe in between.

I wonder why!