We’ve had pretty good weather this year so far. That is all about to change next week. Temperatures are forecast to plunge and there is a high likelihood of snow early to mid next week.

If you haven’t got your heating oil and coal supplies in yet, get them in now. Remember a couple of winters ago when heating oil tankers and coal lorries couldn’t get to some areas.

I’d give them a call today if you can as it is more difficult to get them to come out at weekends and the big freeze will have started by Monday. I’m sure a lot of people will be calling them so get in early.

The Salt Man

Martin Farren got in huge supplies of salt after the winter two years ago but, as was sure to be the way, last winter it wasn’t needed. It may be needed now.

Brain McDermott is known locally (and further afield now) as the No-Salt Chef. Martin could be know as the Salty Councillor.

Freeze Coming

We’ve got used to better weather this year so it will come as a shock to the system when the below freezing weather hits next week. If you have anything urgent to do, and you live in higher areas, try to get it done today or over the weekend.

In the winter of two years ago some people, especially older people, were stuck indoors for days and even weeks.

it might be time to do your shopping today or at the weekend just in case – and the sooner the better.