A friend of mine from back in Greenock sent me a link to a video showing a one-off Dylan gig at the Tall Ships Race in Greenock two years ago. I posted it on CraicOn at the time.

Now my friend tells me that Bob Dylan was impressed by his playing and wants to meet him. Here is my message from Tony Cooper from Greenock:-

“I just got a phone call from Bobby Harrison. He told me that Bob Dylan has watched the YouTube videos of Bobby performing at the Oran Mor Festival in Glasgow and was impressed. He has invited Bobby to meet him when he comes to perform in Glasgow soon.

“Bobby asked me to let you know he is keen to perform at next years Dylanfest.”

Click here to see the video of Bobby Live at the Tall Ships Race

It’s a nice little video.

What Do You think?

He looks very like Coca Joe though. Where was Joe around that time?

Well, what do you think? Should we book him for the DylanFest next year?

We do have a load of great acts for next year, the best ever. The problem, though is getting enough places to put them on. Hopefully when the Caiseal Mara and Bar-a-Cuda re-open we should be alright.


Maybe if we could organise a busload of people to come over from Greenock and Glasgow….

And maybe Dylan himself might be interested at some point in coming to Europe’s biggest DylanFest in Moville. He has an affinity with Ireland and Irish music through his friendship with Liam Clancy whose two nephews played at the first DylanFest on the Lough.

Maybe his mate Bobby from Greenock could ask him along if he is playing here.