They play in Rosatos every four weeks to great enjoyment and applause and they are back this weekend. Debbie & Geraldine have come on in huge leaps and bounds since they first burst on the scene at the Moville & Greencastle Music Academy’s Songwriter Contest two years ago.

All the top acts don’t meander onto the scene but burst onto the scene like supernovas and it was no different with Debbie & Geraldine who gatecrashed the party grabbing 2nd place ahead of acts from all over the country – despite never even having played a gig before.

Joie De Vivre

They now call themselves the Decibelles. They sing with such enjoyment. They obviously work hard too as their harmonies are great. A lot of hard work goes into making it look so easy.

It has added a new dimension with young James McDonald playing with them. He is rapidly becoming one of the town’s best young musicians.

There was a huge crowd last Saturday night to see Bulrush from Derry and I would expect to see a good crowd in Rosatos on Saturday night to see these two great singers and entertainers.

If you read this, Debbie, my request again is It Ain’t Me Babe by Bob Dylan.

I’m looking forward to it.