There will be a craft and cake sale on at the Methodist Hall on Saturday, November 16th. It will be from 11am to 4pm.

It will be interesting to see if the Methodists make as good cakes as the Presbyterians. I always go with a bag to their cake sales. It keeps me going for several weeks afterwards.

There was also a very good cake sale recently at Moville Celtic’s clubhouse. My parents and children were raving about the great apple tart that I got there stuffed full of ripe apples. My son asked me to find out who made it. I also purchased a great lemon cake and a gingerbread cake.

Indeed, spotting my swag bag as I was going down the hill, someone on the way up asked if there were any cakes left.

It should be worth your while getting along to the Methodists’ cake sale to see what you think. Maybe the great anonymous apple cake maker is a Methodist.