According to a new report here are the top 10 most influential brands in world sport. Only the London Olympics was a bigger brand last year but that was a one-off and the Olympics only take place every 4 years. This was voted on by a panel of commercial and branding experts.

Most influential brands in licensing: Sports

1. London 2012 Olympic Games
2. Manchester United FC
3. England Rugby
4. Wimbledon
5. Liverpool FC
6. FC Barcelona
=7. NBA
=7. Chelsea FC
9. Tour De France
=10. Arsenal FC
=10. Premier League

Global Brand

One judge said that United were “the only truly global British football brand”. Surprisingly Liverpool were given as 2nd top football brand ahead of Barcelona. I seems their history and 5 European Cup wins translate well commercially. I’m surprised to see Chelsea and Arsenal ahead of Real Madrid.

I’m also surprised to see the NBA there ahead of the NFL and MLB but perhaps Basketball is seen as amor global brand than American Football or baseball. I’m truly astonished to see England Rugby as the 3rd biggest global brand when rugby isn’t even a global game. How many England Rugby shirts would they sell in Chile or Nigeria?

And where’s Formula 1 racing?

Have you noticed that 8 of the 11 are based in England with Rest of the World getting just Barcelona, the NBA and the Tour De France?

Enough said!