Everyone that I’ve spoken to agreed – Bulrush from Derry were brilliant on Saturday night in Rosatos. I spoke to people of all ages and they all said they were impressed. One guy said he could listen to them all night.

It’s only the 5th time they’ve played in Moville. They first played in Moville during DylanFest 2010. On the first night I had gone to see Peter Landecker’s play. He had come all the way from Canada to put it on. It was a great show but there were only about 30 people in St Eugene’s Hall to see it.


I wondered if there would be many people coming to that year’s DylanFest. I poked my head in the back door of the Bar-a-Cuda and saw everyone up on the floor dancing and jigging away – to Bob Dylan music of all things. Bulrush play Dylan up tempo. In fact they play most stuff up tempo, they are very talented musicians.

They played one more gig in Rosatos after that but they were not at their best as one of them was hoarse after celebrating all week Derry’s being given the City of Culture 2013.

Top Acts

The next time they played Moville was on the Sunday of the DylanFest 2013 and they were brilliant. Al Diesan and Michael Moravek are top acts coming from Sardinia and Germany to play but Bulrush were up there with them. It was a fantastic Sunday night to finish off what had been a successful, and highly enjoyable, DylanFest in Moville.

After that they were enticed into coming back to play at the RocktoberFest two weeks ago, this time being the main act on the Saturday night in Rosatos. They had already been booked to play last Saturday night even before that and back they came again.

What a crowd was there to see them. It was a summer Saturday night crowd rather than a November (the least busy month of the year) crowd – and how they enjoyed it.

After they had finished they were booked up to be regulars at Rosatos to play every 4th Saturday night.

Monthly Cycle

The line up at Rosatos in a 4-weekly cycle is now:-

Debbie & Geraldine
Savage Henry
Damien Sheridan

That’s a pretty strong line-up. Maybe The Yetis would make it stronger but they are booked up on Saturday nights for a while to come and are spreading their wings and playing further and further afield – and they are best as a full band anyway.

Despite that, we can look forward to some great nights in Rosatos into the dark nights of the winter. As my son once said when he was much younger “It’s never winter in Rosatos”. Hey, they could turn that into a slogan.