It didn’t seem so long ago that people were saying that there was no hope for Moville’s economy. Businesses were shutting, the two hotels in town were shut and not looking like opening their doors again and the businesses that remained open, with a few exceptions, were just hanging on.

Now, businesses are opening rather than closing. The Town Clock (now Big Ben’s) has opened up again and that is a very important businesses to the town as it attracts people in from outside the town to spend their money there. Not only do the owners of Big Ben re-circulate that money about the town but they employ people who earn money and do the same.

Caiseal Mara

Another who may be not far behind it is the Caiseal Mara, the heartbeat of eth town with its 48 bedrooms and Function Rooms, which has been bought by a couple from Dublin. It won’t be close to opening yet as all the legal niceties have to be gone through but the new owners intend to open it as soon as they can.

That will attract a lot of people to the town who will spend their money there. They will also employ a whole lot of people who will spend that money about the town.

It’s not just those two businesses who are giving hope to the town. Despite its teething problems Mike Murphy’s Moo-licious is expected to employ 30 people mostly from the area and that will give the local economy another boost.


Other businesses about the town are telling me that things are improving – although from a low base. One businesses said it was doing just as well now as it was in the summer.

It’s when things look at their worst that the tide turns. It’s only just turned in Moville and I’m sure that there will be plenty of businesses saying that they haven’t seen any turn yet, but the improvement is definite and it will become more and more obvious as the recovery takes shape.

Moville is on its way back!