They were one of the big successes of both the DylanFest in late August and the RocktoberFest a couple of weeks ago and now Bulrush will be back in Moville on Saturday night at Rosatos.

They played on the Sunday night of the DylanFest in Rosatos to rapturous applause. The audience loved it and they must have enjoyed it as well as they had to be told that it was time to stop.

They played a very up tempo version of Dylan songs. At the RocktoberFest they played a more varied set of songs from different artists but with plenty of Dylan songs too.

The Grandaddy of Moville music, Paddy the Shoe, gave them his blessing to them saying “That’s the kind of playing and music I like to hear”.

Big in Derry

This will be only the 5th time they’ve played in Moville as they usually play in Derry where they are big there. They are comprised of Ryan O’Dochartaigh and Kevin Brown.

Ryan is a bit of a celebrity in Derry. I remember walking with him through the centre of Derry when I was arranging the DylanFest and it was difficult to get anywhere as so many people shouted “Hi Ryan” and stopped for a chat.

We decided to go into a cafe and out the back where there is seating (Cafe Soul for those of you who know it) but even then someone came over and sat in the spare chair and spoke to him at length.

I mentioned to Ryan that it must take him ages to get anywhere. “I know” he said “that’s why I usually take taxis”.

Try and get along to see him and Kevin (a virtuoso on the guitar) on Saturday night as it will be another treat.