Recently we told you that CraicOn had gatecrashed the top 1,000 websites in Ireland. Alexa have a world rankings list for websites worldwide. Indeed google use their ranking system to rate websites.

CraicOn, according to Alexa. is now ranked 251,910th among all the websites in the world – which makes it in the top 1%. It is up more than 50,000 slots in 3 months.

In Ireland, CraicOn has not just gatecrashed the top 1,000 but it is now ranked 757th busiest website in Ireland.

Alexa rank sites not by hits or by Unique Visitors which are not accurate ways of ranking websites for several reasons but by averaging out the number of visits to a website over a period of three months and the number of pages viewed over that period.

Indeed, as far as I can find, CraicOn is the highest ranked Donegal-based news website – and it’s only for one small town and two village sin Inishowen. It’s about time we expanded it.

If you want to check the Alexa ranking of this website or any other go to Alexa and put in the website name.