Have you bought your pans yet to look for gold? According to a study there’s lots of gold in Donegal just waiting to be mined. It’s Ireland’s Golden County. There’s more gold here than there is anywhere else in Ireland.

The Connemara Mining Company has just been given 10 licences to mine for gold in Donegal. A survey suggested that there are significant deposits of both gold and silver all over the county. It seems that there is huge interest from mining companies.

According to the Chairman of the Company, John Teeling ““We are actively involved in the gold renaissance in Ireland. Our gold joint venture with Hendricks of Canada has identified high potential targets in the Wicklow/Wexford region. The positive results of exploration by Dalradian Resources, a Toronto company, indicate a multi-million ounce gold deposit in the Tyrone area.

“The geology of Donegal lies within the highly prospective Dalradian terrain which is also home to the Curraghinalt Gold Deposit in Northern Ireland and the Cononish Mine in Scotland. Traces of gold have been discovered in earlier exploration in Donegal. We were delighted that the Tellus data issued in recent days re-enforces our findings. This is early stage prospecting but the potential is good.”

“Historical records of the Donegal area show certain anomalies consistent with gold while the geology shares similarities with the major gold discoveries by Dalradian Resources and others in Tyrone, Northern Ireland”.

Hearing about a couple from down south came up to Donegal and managed to find small bits of gold in a stream.

Look out your pans etc. all you panhandlers out there. Donegal is rich in gold.