Well you’ve all heard of a coffee date but this one takes the biscuit! Earlier this morning two ladies spoke on the phone and had to cancel a prior arrangement. But they did arrange to meet just over an hour later for coffee and a chat! The designated meeting place was outside Tesco’s in Derry!

So the two said ladies heads off to town in their separate cars/jeep and go about their business prior to the coffee date. At 10.30 they each arrive at the meeting place but the other wasn’t there. Half and hour was spent waiting by both and then on deciding that something had cropped up with the other, they left for home.

On the way out of Derry, the Redcastle lady called at the Muff lady’s house. Coffee was finally had as was a good laugh. At 10.30am this morning both were indeed outside Tesco’s in Derry. The Redcastle lady was outside Tesco in Lisnagelvin and the Muff lady was outside Tesco on Derry’s Strand Road!

And before anyone thinks about phones, the Redcastle lass didn’t have hers switched on!

Coffee and a chat was had and another coffee date in Derry will be arranged! Definitely NOT outside Tesco’s!!