Teenage Kicks written by Colin Bateman, has been running at Derry’s Millennium Theatre all week. So tonight I decided to pay it a visit. I hadn’t read any reviews so I had no expectations whatsoever. What I found impressed me.

I had imagined the show to be about Punk music and lifestyle but found something very different. There was a real story behind the show and some amazing singing. The musicians were pretty fabulous too. It was almost recalling those Saturday nights dancing on the dance floor at Scamps! Did we really look like that??? I guess so!

What really struck me was that these kids go through so much as teenagers. Peer pressure, parental expectation and so forth. Friendship and individuality are paramount at this age. As parents now, we really must not forget that!

My feet were tapping, my hands were slapping my knee throughout the show. Since leaving the theatre I can’t quite stop humming The Undertones song Teenage Kicks! I’m guessing this is a sign of a pretty good night.

Darren Franklin was outstanding in his role as Kevin, as was Drew Dillon as Jimmy. Along with the other cast members a very talented musical cast dominated the Derry stage tonight.

If you get a chance, irrespective of your age, go along to this show on or before it’s final performance this coming Saturday night. And bring your teenager with you. A good night will be had!