Maybe everybody knows about it, anyway, but it still came as a surprise to me. I knew they were doing work on Sainsbury’s but I didn’t know they were going to close it.

I had to go to the bank next door anyway but I was going to do some shopping at Sainsbury for the kind of thing that you can’t get in Moville or which are much dearer here. Most of the stuff I just get at Gillen’s or Centra and my meat at Donal’s as I found that they the majority of things are actually cheaper in Moville than they are in Sainsbury’s.

Certain Things

However, there’s certain things like pastries that are cheaper and have more variety and pizza bases that you can’t get here as well as alcohol which is still much cheaper there.

I asked the girl at the bank counter what had happened to Sainsbury’s and she said it will be closed all week. I managed to trudge over to Tesco at the Quayside and got a few things there.

As I said, maybe everybody but myself knew that Sainsbury’s was shut this week but I thought I’d say anyway in case there are people who planned to go there and who didn’t know.