It was only 2 or 3 weeks ago that I was still wearing shorts – and now here we are just 7 weeks and a day till Christmas. Christmas will be on a Wednesday this year which will be strange as Boxing Day, or St. Stephen’s Day, will be on a Thursday and then everyone back to work for a day before being off again for the weekend – unless you’ve taken the whole week off or your workplace closes for the week.

This would probably be a good time to get the Christmas shopping done before Derry is too packed and all the best presents are gone.


My sister-in-law is very efficient and always has her Christmas Shopping done by now. I’m always tempted to do it early but you run the risk of the presents being found well before Christmas. There are not too many places in a house where children won’t go.

It’s been a pretty good year weather wise with a great July. We had some good spells in September and October too as well as in June. Even yesterday I was sitting sunbathing out the back on November 4th.

If it keeps going like this we may be sticking the Christmas turkey on the barbecue.