The new owners of the Caiseal Mara from Dublin were up last week to have a look at what they have bought. We understand that they don’t have any experience of running a hotel.

Of course, it would be better if they did but as long as they can employ someone who does know the hotel trade and can run a hotel, it shouldn’t matter too much.

The couple who have it were in America previously. They may well have contacts over there. They are likely to have contacts in Dublin too. If they can get the word out in those places about Moville that could be very valuable.


The Caiseal Mara is the heartbeat of Moville. It has 48 bedrooms and a 300-seater Function room. Everyone will be wishing the new owners all the very best and everyone will hope they succeed as it will be a great boost to the town when it opens again.

Not only will it bring money into the town which will circulate, but it will employ people who will spend money in the town. Let’s hope they can get it all through the lawyers quickly and have it open for the tourist season next summer.

Some businesses are already saying that businesses is picking up but from low levels. A Caiseal Mara back online will be just the tonic they need.

Let’s wish the new couple well.