The Carnagarve Group opposed to the siting of a Sewage Treatment plant at Carnagarve have called a meeting at 8pm at the GAA clubhouse on Monday.

Said Enda Craig it’s about “Where the campaign is at and to chart our road to a European appeal”.

They recently lost a High Court case in Dublin but they feel there are grounds for an appeal to the European Courts.

They have fought a 21-year battle to have the Sewage Treatment Plant placed further down the lough where the treated effluent will have less of an effect.


The original decision to site the plant at Carnagarve rather than down nearer the mouth of the lough was taken on a cost basis. THere was, I’m told, a €400,000 difference”.

However, since then, the Council have spent a lot more on fighting to keep it at Carnagarve including paying for an enquiry costing €278,000 with a large chunk of that being used to pay lawyers’ fees.

Famously, they didn’t even offer the Carnagarve Group a drink of water at the enquiry.

So, with other costs, it has become the more expensive option and, not only that, raw sewage continues to be pumped into the Foyle

This is a good chance for people to go along and hear what the current situation is and to hear what the grounds for an appeal will be.

So, who can come? Is it open to everyone?

“Wide open” said Enda.