So it’s a bluster, miserable Saturday night in Muff. The perfect opportunity to slum it by the fireside. But that would be too easy. So instead why not slum it by the fireside in the Squealing Pig. It should be warm, comfy and there might even be some friendly people about. And then again there might just be the opposite kind of people…ah, but they are very few and far between in Muff.

So it’s a night for putting on the woollies, the hat, the scarf and the all important coat and strolling it to the Pig. A nice pint of the black stuff or any other tipple you desire will be available. Here’s hoping Kevin will have the fire well stoked and blazing for us all arriving. And if not, then he’ll have to provide a free pint for all and sundry!

So Saturday night by the fireside it is!