There was talk that the Post Office in Greencastle was to be chopped. They reckoned it wasn’t profitable. So, the people of Greencastle got themselves organised and protested about the mooted closure. Not only that, they started using the Post Office a lot more.

They were helped by being able to get money out of their AIB accounts there. As a result, the amount of business done by the Post Office soared.


There was a meeting recently where a decision was to be made as to whether it stayed open or closed.

However, the decision taken was that it would stay open but it would be on probation for a year. The powers that be obviously wanted to know whether the big increase was permanent or temporary. They wondered whether the new business would stay or it would go back to normal levels if a decision was made to keep it open.

Although it is just a temporary solution, it is a major success for the people of Greencastle and the campaign they fought to keep it open. It was a positive campaign which showed that the post office could be profitable.

Bean Counters

That’s the kind of thing that appeals to the ‘bean counters’ at Head Office rather than appealing to their better natures. It was a smart campaign run by the Greencastle people and it has had a result.

Of course they know now on what basis the bean counters will take their decision next year on whether to keep it open or close it. It will depend, solely, on whether the Greencastle people continue to do more business with the post office or whether it all goes back to the previous normal.

So, if they want to keep their Post Office open they will have to use it. I think they will.