So we’re all giving out about the imposition of the speed vans on our roads at present. Just when you least expect them, you’re travelling a little faster than allowed and snap, the camera gets you. Fortunately I have yet to experience this but we all know a number of people who have been unfortunate to have been in the said situation.

Were these vans to be in the right places at the right time and catching the real speedsters then we really wouldn’t have a problem. But the normal Joe Soap is getting fined right left and centre for being a few miles over the limit.

Nothing can justify the devastating loss of lives on our roads. It’s vital that traffic is slowed down of course. But the wrong people are being fined.

However, on a brighter note, have you ever seen something unite people so strongly as these vans. Just this morning as I was driving up the Carn Brae in Quigleys Point and a consecutive 5 cars all flashed me and waved at me to slow down (No I wasn’t speeding…I don’t think) but each of these strangers were warning me that the speed van was up the road. And sure enough just 4oo yards later, there the van was in all it’s glory!

This is a regular occurrence for everyone throughout the country. You don’t have to know the person coming towards you, if you’ve seen the van, you automatically warn the oncoming drivers. People are posting on facebook and other social networking sites when they see a speed van and alerting communities.

So it’s great to see that something we are all complaining about is something which is showing us just how friendly and spirited we Irish people really are. And no doubt the Donegal people are way out on top. Keep signalling folks!!