In most places in Moville last orders for food is normally 9pm even at the weekends. This catches out visitors to the town from big cities and towns. In places like London most people don’t go out to eat till 9pm or later. You often see people, especially in the summer, walking into restaurants here after 9pm and asking if the place is still serving. They are then usually told where the takeaway places are.

So, it’s good news that Big Ben’s (ex the Town Clock) is doing late night suppers. The options are limited, as you would expect, but they are at very reasonable prices.

They are doing the late suppers from 9pm till 12pm on Friday and Saturday nights and 9pm till 11pm on Sunday nights.


Here’s the menu:-

Battered Cod €4.95
Burger €3.50 (cheese +0.20)
Sausages (x2) €1.60
Chicken Nuggets (x6) €2.50
Chips €2.00
Curry chips €3.00 (cheesy +0.20)

That’s not bad at all.

You can either eat-in or take away. They are the kind of things that would go nicely with a pint.

Bread and Cheese

I remember I used to go to this wine bar in Covent Garden in London and they used to do bread and cheese with a bottle of wine. The bread was a kind of husky roll. it went down very well with a nice bottle of Rioja. It was not too heavy either and the bread soaked in the wine nicely.

It’s not difficult to provide. I spent many a nice evening there.

What would I get off the current menu if I went?

I’d probably either get the battered cod or maybe the chips just to nibble on.