The rumour running around Moville was that the new owner of the Caiseal Mara was connected to the previous ownership, i.e. they had a senior position at the hotel. Usually, when local pubs and hotels are up for sale you hear several rumours as to who has bought it. However, this time this was the only rumour in town.

We said in our article a couple of days ago that normally there’s usually no smoke without fire in other places. However, in Moville, there is usually lots of smoke without a hint of fire. In most places rumours usually have a basis in truth most times. In Moville they are usually wrong.

Some ridiculous rumours get around. I wonder who starts them all.

This time I can confirm that the rumour is completely wrong and has no basis in fact. Indeed, the new owner is
not even from the town. In fact he is here at the moment to see his new purchase.

However, we’ll let him settle in first. He now owns the town’s heartbeat. We wish him success.