Beware through today, she’s been up since the dawn. Flying high on her broomstick with her skirt slightly torn.
Her plump figure you’ll see if you’re unfortunate enough. So by the powers that be, stay well clear of her fluff.

The playpark is haunted for all of today. So if Switch is around, don’t dare to play. She’ll grill you, she’ll haunt you, she’ll shout out a hoarse boo. So keep those eyes open, be prepared for her din.

With her crooked mouth she’s such a sneak, so don’t dare trust those crooked teeth. Black to the core, she’s in fact such a bore. She’s ripped many apart and she’s now dead from the heart. Beware all the time, she’s ready for the next crime.

Keep the lanterns well lit, direct her back to her pit. The witch known as Switch needs tossed into a ditch!