Fifteen years ago I would have had three little boys who would have absolutely loved Muff Spooky Park this evening. Unfortunately we didn’t have anything nearby at the time. It was a drive to Moville for a go on the swings, seesaw, tunnels and sandpit once a month and that was superb at the time. But I often think how they would so have enjoyed the new park and the Spooky Park today.

However, time moves on, and I had to borrow two kids to go along this evening. And boy was I glad that I did steal the Bradley children for the evening. What a delight to experience such an occasion in the village. The spooks prevailed throughout the park and to see the headstone of poor Fred made a very fitting tribute for Halloween. Kids and parents alike turned up today despite the uncertain weather. And fun ruled the evening.

Soup, tea, coffee, buns, sweets and much more were all available throughout the evening. Fun and Games prevailed for every kid present. Seeing such happy smiling faces all in the one place makes life worthwhile. Memories were made for both kids and parents and how amazing that it was on home turf.

Muff Community Playpark has been a huge asset to the village. It’s not just a place for the children to play but a meeting place for parents and friends. It is a real social hive in the local community. Spooky Park today only served to enhance this.

So credit must be given where it’s due. The committee have worked tirelessly to get this park opened and continue to do so to ensure it’s upkeep. Fundraising must continue to keep this going so do keep giving when you can.

Here’s to next years Spooky Park and even more spooks to come. And thanks to the heavens for letting the weather hold up!