My dear Dad visits me once, twice, sometimes thrice daily. But he knows that we are always out on Halloween night until after the fireworks in Derry so I didn’t expect him to visit tonight whilst I was out.

As we went into town tonight on the bike, the car was parked outside. I rang Dad when we got home to say hello and he told me ‘You guys caught me well tonight’. I had NO idea what he was talking about. So he explained. Apparently he called around 9pm expecting us to be home. He saw the car parked outside and a light on indoors. So he decided to be smart and rang the doorbell and juked down on his hunkers. No one answered so he rang again. When no one answered the second time he decided that the bell wasn’t working (his hearing isn’t great these days) so he knocked the knocker. And again. When there was still no response he tried the handle and discovered the door was locked and that no one was home. Think he felt a bit silly juking down and pretending to be a knick knocker.

Dad never rings my doorbell or knocks. He even has his own key. So dearest father you were well caught. I just hope some of the neighbours saw you acting like a child. At 72 years of age, you really should know better! Bless him 🙂