Talkback were in touch a couple of days ago saying they wanted a picture of the Muff sign for a TV show they were doing called Staying In With Greg And Russell on BBC3 which went out at 10pm last night. They said that they wanted to know about some interesting places in the UK and Ireland.

Of course, we just know that they would make a joke about it.

How they did it was that they had their guest, US singer / songwriter Nicole Scherzinger, answer three questions. She was given three place names which they said were in Britain and Nicole had to guess whether they were real places or not. They called it a British Citizenship Test.

The Places

The first place-name she was given was Shitterton. I’d heard of that place before and knew that it was real. Nicole didn’t know it but she got it right.

The next one was Fingringhoe. She said it didn’t exist but she was wrong.

Then she was asked if Muff was a real place. She said “I’ve heard worse” and guessed it right. They told her that it was in North West Ireland.

They then said “I know you won’t believe this but they, genuinely, because it’s on the coast, they have a diving club and it’s called Muff Diving Club” and showed her a copy of the membership.

She was astonished. Maybe the Muffians should invite her to come and see.

She then told them that close to where she comes from in the US there is a town called Beavers’ Creek where they have a liquor store called Beaver Liquors.