Halloween passed off a lot more peacefully than it has in previous years. The dogs of the town will be delighted about that.

Usually in the lead up to Halloween there are fireworks going off every night. There have been a few fireworks going off but they are one or two rather than a sustained display – even on Halloween night.

Normally our two dogs are terrified at this time of the year but they have been fairly relaxed. Indeed at 9:15pm on Halloween night they are asleep on the carpet in front of the fire.

It’s just a shame that there is not an official fireworks display on Halloween somewhere around the area like there is in Derry. New Years Eve would be another good time to have one as they have in countries like Austria when the bells go at midnight.

We still have memories of the fantastic fireworks display at the magnificent Greencastle Regatta this August. In fact Greencastle would probably be a better place to hold an official fireworks display.