atI got an email the other day as follows:-

“I work for a company called Talkback and we are currently filming a brand new BBC series called Staying In with Russell and Greg. The show is a chat show hosted by Greg James (BBC Radio 1 Drivetime DJ) & Russell Kane (Perrier award-winning stand-up comedian).

“We are doing a feature on our show about interesting places in the UK and Ireland, I was passed your details by a local resident of Muff because I am desperately seeking a photo of the road sign for the town Muff in Co. Donegal. Is this something you can possibly help me with please?”

Grainne Obliges

I passed it on to Grainne who runs the Muff version of the website. She managed to get them a few photos of the Muff sign as you come into town.

It seems the show is on at 10pm on BBC3 tonight.

They said that they wanted to do a feature on interesting places but why did they just want to get a photo of the place-name Muff?

Is it possible that it is the name of the town that is ‘interesting’ to the DJ and comedian rather than the town itself? We shall see at 10pm tonight.

BBC3 is channel 210 on my Sky.

Note:- They told Grainne it’s not certain to be on.