She straddled into our village, just a few years ago. No one invited her and no body knew. With her crooked nose and her broomstick in tow, she felt that our village should home her and her beau. So she’s set up home with the rats and the vermin, and whatever else she has in her waste bin.

A curse she’s put on many, and some just don’t see, that the danger she envelops is costing all a huge fee. Her hat doesn’t fit cos the head’s too big, and that scraggly black hair is surely a wig.

Switch is bewitched and the spell has been cast. She appears to be friendless bar one strange looking mast. An elderly grump with a definite rat’s tail. It appears poisonous and seemingly just got out of jail.

I actually don’t know her, and I never will, but I get a weird feeling when I see her gill. I first noticed the strange smell which emancipates when she’s around. I’m sure she doth live in a hole in the ground.

So lock up your children and those that you love, cos Switch will be prowling and scaring all from above. It’s that time of year when she comes out of her hole, so it’s best to be careful and watch out for this mole. Switch is around, be wary of her now, cos rest assured she ain’t finished till she takes her last bow!