Theres a few local lads en route home from England at the present time. And the Squealing Pig should get prepared as they’re about to embark on it very soon!!

The occasion was the ‘stag’ weekend of one local man and I believe it’s a wedding at the end of December! So the said chaps went for a boys weekend across the water and were paying a visit to the Manchester United game yesterday. No doubt a few scoops were had prior to the game and then off to the match it was…or was it?

On approaching Old Trafford, one of the party decided to stand up for his principles! He refused to give in to ‘peer’ and ‘stag’ pressure and simply said ‘NO’. Don is an example to all around him. Saying NO is not an easy thing to do and especially surrounded by family and friends, it’s a difficult decision!!! (When you’re an Arsenal fan and expected to go into Old Trafford, it sure is easy saying NO)

But Don is clearly a principled fella and isn’t afraid to let it be known. Many would disagree with Don’s decision but it certainly was a brave one. And might I add, a Very sensible one too. Why on earth would he, let along could he……go into Old Trafford? Our good Lord, Arsen Wenger will be so very proud of our Don!

An Arsenal fan dare go into Old Trafford? No chance. Don, you deserve a pat on the back. Up the GUNNERS!