How much are the players in your favourite team worth and what is the total value of the playing staff at your club?

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The value of all Celtic’s players this year is £50m. Last year it was £78m but they’ve sold a few although they’ve brought a few in but for less money than they got.

Incidentally the value of Celtic on the Stock Exchange is £58m. Rangers stock market value is £31.6m. So, Celtic are worth nearly twice as much.

Total Value

Here is the total value of the players of the top clubs in the English Premier League:-

£444m – Man City
£432m – Chelsea
£380m – Man Utd
£335m – Arsenal
£294m – Tottenham
£268m – Liverpool
£159m – Everton
£155m – Newcastle


In Spain the total value of the players are:-

£549m – Real Madrid
£546m – Barcelona

Bayern Munich’s players are worth £429m.

The most valuable players in the Premier League are:-

£47m – Ozil
£43m – Rooney, Mata & Van Persie

In Spain it is:-

£113m – Messi
£94m – Ronaldo
£75m – Bale