At about 15:30 today we heard a very loud noise outside the back door of our house on the River Row. We stepped outside the back door and there was a helicopter only yards above the level of the house. It was so close I could read Irish Coastguard on the side of the helicopter.

It turned round and then came back in a circle and passed us in the garden of our house again just yards above us.

We saw it land in the Bay Field. We weren’t sure if it was a practice but I think, unfortunately, that it was for real as we saw someone being carried down the little path leading into the Bay Field. There was a police car and an ambulance already there.

They then took a stretcher over from the helicopter to just outside the clubhouse, strapped the person up and carried the person across the Bay Field to the helicopter. The helicopter then rose and was last seen headed up the Lough possibly to Derry or maybe beyond.

I hope it was just a practice but it looked as if it was more serious than that.

See Helicopter Over River Row
and Helicopter in Bay Field
and Helicopter Rising