A number of people, including some in the film, have said that they had heard that there was a video of the performance of American, Michael Thomas playing Paint It Black at the BeatlesFest in Rosatos in August.

If you type into Google Michael Thomas BeatlesFest Moville YouTube it comes up first.

However, to make it easy all you have to do is click Michael Thomas at Rosatos

See how many people you can recognise.

Sixties Gear

I had tried to get into the spirit of it by asking people to come in Sixties Gear. Whereas some of the girls did, not many of the guys did so I was left with the beads etc. (borrowed from my daughter) and look a bit foolish – and a bit tipsy.

Anyway, Michael Thomas is playing tonight again (Friday) in Rosatos. He is well worth seeing.

By the way, I’ve no idea who took the video. Someone said they saw a Japanese looking guy filming. Whoever it was, if you read this – Thanks! It’s a great film.

I’ll certainly use it for publicity for future festivals.