Here are the best read CraicOn articles of all time or at least since the new version of the website started earlier this year.

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A Tribute to Aisling Curran 2,771
How people from Moville can learn from Greencastle folk 1,379
The Point Inn reopens 1,266
DylanFest on the Lough 2013 is on in Moville 1,234
2013 DylanFest / BeatlesFest Programme of Events 954
Finnegan’s Bar reopens…Paul Rankin comes to Muff 675
Bed & Breakfast in Moville 464
Dylan v The Beatles. Ireland v England 440
Irish DylanFest set for late August 412
Caiseal Mara has been bought 401
BeatlesFest on the Lough 2013 for the Gathering is on 380
Biggest annual DylanFest in Europe starts Thursday in Ireland 371
Moville Tradesmen 363
World War 2 memories of Moville 347
Moville gets surprise visitor on Easter Sunday 331
Garda Station spoof article goes viral 324
Caiseal Mara (McNamaras) for sale in massive cut price deal 290
The people of Moville have stoppped using soap it seems 279
We have a picture of a Dolphin leaping by the Lighthouse 273
The Winner of the Moville & Greencastle Songwriter Contest was… 264