I had told Tony Bramwell that we were going to have a RocktoberFest this year. However, it was only a couple of days ago that I contacted him to ask him to come over. He has just replied. We left it too late as the RocktoberFest is next weekend.

He emailed back ” Dear Gerry, sorry but I’m completely tied up with Macca at the moment I miss Moville but have to do stuff with him at the moment! All the best! Bramwell”.

Ah well! The very first year we had Tony for the BeatlesFest in 2010 he turned down Paul McCartney for Moville’s BeatlesFest. Macca had asked him over to see him play Nashville as it was the first time he had played there. Whilst there Paul asked him to come back in a couple of weeks when he was playing Montreal.

“I can’t” Tony told him. “I’m doing the BeatlesFest in Moville”. He makes a regular report on Moville’s BeatlesFest for both Paul and Ringo.

It would be better, anyway, if Tony came over maybe next year when we have a talent festival probably in late February.

I had lined up The Yetis to play for Tony as he has never seen the best band in the area play. After he saw the Henry Girls song a few songs in Rosatos he had them over for a tour of England with good radio airplay.

Maybe we can set it all up again in February – with more time to prepare.