They are thought of, by many, as the best band that ever emanated from this area. they used to play in places like the glory days of The Anchor / Hair of the Dog and Rosatos. The Plea played three of the early DylanFests, in the Bar-a-Cuda, Caiseal Mara and the Town Clock – all of them memorable gigs especially the final one at the Town Clock.

Now they have gone on to better and higher things. They are producing some very good output which has gained recognition both in Ireland and abroad.

Now they are in 4th position in a German Alternative chart.

If you want to vote for them click on The Plea – Out Like a Light and click on +5 to the right of the song.

We were asked by someone from Raleigh, North Carolina in the USA to bring it to your attention.

She said “Hey, saw that you have quite a few articles and mentions of The Plea there at, including one where you mentioned that they came in second in the Amazing Radio poll at the start of the year.

“Just thought I’d mention that they’re currently in another countdown, where they’ve gotten as high as 2nd, then dropped to 5th, and then moved back up to 4th last week. They’re placing with one of my favorite songs off of Dreamers Stadium – Out Like A Light – so naturally, I’d like to see it stay at the top of the charts as long as possible (Glass Waltz held on for something like 18 weeks over at StarFM right after the Amazing Radio poll in February).

“If you could please possibly find a place to mention the current countdown somewhere in your blog, I’m sure it would help wrangle up quite a few more “+5” votes from your readers and give it a little boost up the chart”.

here it is again – The Plea – Out Like a Light