People came. People cooked. And people remembered! Throughout last night’s cookery demonstration at Redcastle Hotel, James Rehill was never far from anyone’s mind. The chefs’ not only engaged in an amazing cookery demonstration, but told a selection of stories about James and his life.

From pumpkin soup to quail, from fish to coffee and cigarette dessert, there really was something for everyone on the hob last night! Brian McDermott showed just why he is about to become one of Ireland’s top celebrity chefs, and three other excellent chef friends of James, talked, cooked and laughed their way through the night! Brian, Ciaran, Ian and Christopher all shared their memories of time spent with James whilst cooking a selection of wonderful food.

Shortly after the interval, Kevin, Justin, Jason and Black Mickey were challenged to an omelette competition! Let’s just say it was an eggcellent disaster! Fortunately Jason made a reasonable attempt at an omelette and won on the night! The others had to suffer the embarrassment of putting their hard earned work straight into the bin in front of a rather large audience and cheer!

A vast number of tickets were sold last night and some superb prizes were given away. And how fitting that Kevin A should win the top prize! Congrats Kevin, and should you be unable to travel to Scotland (as you’re studying 24/7) you know I’ll be more than happy to take that voucher!!

Anyone who didn’t know James Rehill would certainly have gotten to know him last night. The chefs spoke about him with such fondness and love that one really became a part of his story. Everyone agreed that the young Muff man was well on his way to the very top of his career. That career will now serve as a legacy to James Rehill and cooking will be remembered in his name for many years to come in Muff! No doubt had James been there last night he’d have told Brian and the other lads that they are each ‘one rare boy’!

Monies raised from last night’s event are going towards ‘Epilepsy Ireland’ and the local ‘St. Vincents de Paul’.