The price of a pint has gone up in Moville by 20 cents a pint. The Government put the price up by 10p and, as usual, the breweries and distributors decided to have a bit extra as well as the Government would take the main blame.

The Government said that they were going to concentrate on bringing people of Irish origin back to Ireland and set up Year of The Gathering for this. It has been a big success. However, what will the legacy be? What will happen next year?

One of the main areas where we have to attract people to come here from is Derry and the north. The price of beer here is already higher than in the north but with this hike in prices visitors from he north will really notice the difference.

The price of a pint in Witherspoons in Derry is £2.20 which equates to about €2.55. If someone from Derry decides to come here for a trip they’ll find they are paying €4.10 or €4.20 for the same pint. They’re sure to notice that.

It’s another blow to the pub trade in Moville which is already suffering from the exodus of their younger customers to Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, England etc.