There was a cake sale a couple of weeks or so ago up at Moville Celtic’s clubhouse, I presume for funds. I went up to see what they had. I bought three cakes, a gingerbread cake, a lemon cake and an apple tart.

The gingerbread cake was really good as was the lemon cake.

However, the apple tart was out of this world. It was a proper apple tart with lots of apple rather than being mostly crust. It wasn’t just I that liked it but my parents and children too. Indeed my father said that it was one of the nicest apple tarts he had ever tasted – and he must have tasted a few in his 85 years.

My son told me that I should find out who baked it or where it came from. I didn’t know if it was donated or whether it was baked by one of the mothers (or fathers, not to be sexist). It was well worth the €4 I paid for it.

Shame they only had one as that one disappeared before I could even have a second piece.