It was a quiet start in terms of numbers for Take Your Pick at Big Ben’s (the Town Clock) on Sunday night but a lot of fun. It also meant that your number was more likely to be picked. Indeed of the three ‘shots’ one guy had his number called out twice and got two shots.

There were twelve boxes that you could pick from and a compere (as well as a drum roll). The biggest prize in the boxes was €150. The first guy that came up was offered €8, I think it was, but turned it down insisting on opening the box. He was proved right and won a meal for two in Big Ben’s which would be worth well in excess of the €8 offered.

Not So Lucky

The next guy up was not so lucky. He was offered €6.50 to go away without opening the box but he wanted that box opened. However, all it contained was a Mars Bar (or an IOU for a Mars Bar as the Mars Bar itself had been forgotten).

The first guy’s number was called and he went back up again. He was offered the princely sum of €25 to go away without opening the box. However, after his success last time round (and with 2 of the 12 boxes now gone) he wanted that box opened. He should have taken the €25 as it was a packet of buttonholes (or something like that) that he ‘won’.

It was all good fun and there should be a bigger crowd on the 26th of October, which is a Saturday night and part of the Halloween bank holiday weekend.