Recently we put up a tongue-in-cheek article on CraicOn called How People from Moville can learn from Greencastle Folk. So far it has been read 1,261 times. That’s the 2nd best read article ever on CraicOn – or at least since the new version of the site went up.

On the day that it went up there were 1,705 Page Views on CraicOn which is just short of the record of 1,787 in a day. Although the vast majority of those reading it realised it was tongue-in-cheek, some actually took it seriously and thought I was trying to organise a massive crime spree in Moville to keep the Garda station open. That would have been counterproductive.

They must have believed it too when I said that I had plans to kidnap someone as my contribution to it. Perhaps I should put a warning on articles that are tongue-in-cheek but I thought this one was so obvious I didn’t need to.

CraicOn, according to Alexa, is the 1,320th biggest website in Ireland now in terms of traffic – and it’s only for 2 small towns in Donegal. Most days there is in excess of 500 Page Views. Just think what it would be if it was Ireland wide.

I must get round to it some time.

I’d like to thank all our readers for looking in regularly and all new readers after the publicity from the Garda station article.