It certainly is the end of an era and the end of a long road for two local, well respected, very well liked, postmen. Junior McConnellogue and Joe Faulkner both retired this weekend from their combined 61 years in the Post Van! Junior has been working for 31 years, 27 full time and 4 part time with An Post, and his neighbour Joe has been delivering the local post for 30 years.

I’m sure there’s not a soul in the locality can say a bad word about these two devoted employees, except maybe that they continued to deliver bills to us all! On many occasions we all love to see the postman coming but on others, when we know the monthly bill is due, it’s the dreaded postman coming in the gate! So Junior and Joe, no more bills for you to deliver…phew.

Both men carried out their service with the utmost discretion and with first class quality. They delivered, they smiled, they joked, they always had time to say hello, so they are both going to be a very hard act to follow!! You young lads, be prepared. Your predecessors were good!!!!

It’s also worth noting that in his 30 years of service, Joe Faulkner never had a single ‘sick day’. That alone says everything about his dedication to the job. Junior, having had a few sick days to make good his health, was also a dedicated postie and friend to the community.

They are both going to be very missed in the green vans, but they have their whole lives ahead of them now to enjoy and live to the full. So guys, have a wee lie on on Monday morning! Go fishing one afternoon! Do a bit of gardening in your evenings. And a pint of guinness is always on draught at your locals. As someone once said of retirement, ‘Retire from work, but not from life’. Here’s to many new beginnings for you both.

And Junior, from one Arsenal fan to another, Up the Gunners!!