The article we put up last night How Moville People Can Learn from Greencastle Folk has gone viral and has been read by 1,021 people already (Moville’s population is 1,465). If you haven’t read it have a read now.

How Moville People Can Learn From Greencastle Folk

It appears that some people didn’t even know that it was a spoof. Perhaps I should have kept it till April Fool’s Day. It has been heavily commented on on Facebook especially. I’ve enjoyed reading the comments. Have a look for yourself.

I couldn’t believe that anyone would take it seriously.

So, if you’re out there, and really believe that I was advocating a crime spree in Moville, let me say again – this was a spoof article. I wasn’t really making plans to kidnap someone. If I was, I wouldn’t be stupid enough to post it on the worldwide web first.