Did you know that the number of people claiming unemployment benefit has fallen this year? Did you know that it fell last year – and the year before?

What are people moaning about? Unemployment is now at a 5-year low in Inishowen according to the latest Government figures.

That’s fantastic!

There will be dancing in the streets of Moville, Greencastle, Carndonagh and Buncrana at this news – and in the streets of New Zealand, Australia, England, America and Canada too where so many people from Inishowen live and work now.

The powers that be claim that this shows that the economy is now turning around.

Like hell it does!

It shows that the country is doing so badly and there are so few jobs that the young of the area are now living and working in the four corners of the earth.

A nephew of mine will be going to New Zealand at the end of the month. He will be joining nine others over there from the Moville area. That’s nine of the fall in the unemployed register accounted for in just one destination.

Do they think we are fools?
It’s when the youngsters stop going abroad and start coming back that we’ll believe that the economy is really turning round. Till then our biggest export will remain our children.