It always makes me laugh when anybody says that there is a lot of crime in Moville and that youngsters are to blame. Moville has a great bunch of young people. They are friendly and polite. With the state of the country and the future looking bleak for so many of them you would think that they would cause more trouble and disruption than they actually do. They are a credit to their families and their schools.

Every time I go back home to Greenock there seems to be a local newspaper headline about a new murder. Taxi Driver Murdered Over Fare Dispute it said last time. The last murder in Moville was more than 150 years ago.

According to the Inishowen Independent today the new figures show that the Moville Garda Station is the 3rd quietest in the whole of the peninsula in terms of crimes committed.

THere were just 37 crimes committed in Moville in the first 6 months of the year. That must include Greencastle, Redcastle and other areas about here, too, which don’t have a Garda station.

As we all know, quite a few of the crimes aren’t actually committed by people who live in this area but people who come in and make raids on it, e.g. burglaries. Moville and Greencastle people must commit very few crimes at all.

It’s great news but a bit worrying in terms of keeping the garda numbers up and the station open. Here’s actual numbers:-

10 Burglary
7 Criminal Damage
7 Assaults / Harassment / Threats
6 Theft
2 Dangerous / Negligent Acts
2 Drugs
2 Public Order
1 Fraud
0 Kidnapping
0 Robbery
0 Weapons Offences
0 Perverting Course of Justice
0 Murder

If you take the top 4 out there were only 7 instances of any other crimes in 6 months in the area. Maybe that’s one reason that Tony Bramwell told the Irish News that he wanted to retire here.