When the AIB decided to close in Moville the people there were up in arms. That would mean that there would be only two banks left in Moville. However, Greencastle has none at all. I remember going to Greencastle one time and forgetting to bring money. Never mind. I had my card with me and I could get money out at an ATM. I was surprised to be told that there were no banks and no ATMs in Greencastle. I had to get a taxi back to Moville just to get money out.

Now, there is a the threat of the closure of the Post Office in Greencastle. That really would mean it is just a satellite of Moville. The people there are fighting the closure. It would be terrible if it did close. It seems that AIB transactions can now be done at the Post Office there. However, if it closes Greencastle people will have to come to Moville for just about everything.

With the ferry now shut for the autumn and winter it doesn’t look good for the village and its economy. If the Post Office were to shut then it really would be Goodnight Vienna.

However, they have some good people working to keep it open. Let’s hope they succeed.