If you are having a referendum then the obvious thing to do is to put the question you are asking on the ballot paper. That the Government didn’t do what would seem to be obvious makes one wonder either about the competence of those holding the referendum or their integrity. In other words was this a deliberate attempt to confuse the public or are they just stupid?

There were two ballot papers just to add to the confusion. One asked if you supported the 32nd amendment of the constitution and the other asked if you supported the 33rd amendment of the constitution. I wasn’t sure which one was the 32nd and which one the 33rd.

You then just had two boxes with a yes or no. One then had to think whether yes meant that you wanted to get rid of the Seanad or you wanted to keep it I think I got it right but I’m not certain. Imagine having a ballot paper where they don’t even ask you the question on it.

That’s just completely crazy. It must, surely, be challengeable in court. All it would need would be for some people to say that they voted the wrong way because of the wording.

Worst Wording

This is the worst wording of any ballot paper that I have seen anywhere or even heard about. How did it get through all those checks and balances? And yet the people running the referendum want us to put all power in their hands and to remove the existing checks and balances.

I just couldn’t believe the ballot paper when I saw it. How could so many people be so dumb as to not even put the question they wanted answering on the ballot paper? If this gets thrown out by a court what would this say about the competence of the Government? They would be a laughing-stock all over the world.


If another crisis like the last financial crisis came along would be confident that we had the best people in charge of the country to handle it this time around when they don’t even notice that the question they are asking is not even on the ballot paper?

It is incredible – beyond belief.

Fo the EU, IMF, the German banks etc. it must have seemed as easy as taking candy off kids when they insisted that the German and French banks were paid everything back by the Irish taxpayer for their own foolish investments. One would wonder more whether they should be allowed out on their own never mind putting all power in their hands.